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It's Award Winning
In its first year of operations, Pig Pounder’s English-style ales are already gaining notoriety in a crowded North Carolina field. At the State Fair in September, four brews won medals in the NC Brewer’s Cup: Plain Pig with a bronze, Mild Mud and ESP with silvers and Boar Brown with a gold medal in the English Brown Ale category.
We start with the finest quality ingredients; water, malts, great equipment, atmosphere, and most importantly our brewer, Sam. Instead of using city water, our water comes fresh from a farm in Summerfield. It is hauled to Greensboro for every batch produced. This is the most fresh and natural water you can get. Because we are a microbrewery we have different objectives than most. We want you to taste the difference in our artisanal beverages, which is why we start off with premium products, rather than the moderate ingredients used in mass-produced brews.
Local Brewery
Tasting Bar, Patio, & Tours Pig Pounder’s tasting bar and patio provides a great spot to have a small gathering of up to 50 people. Try multiple tastings of our beers and take home a growler of your favorite! As an added bonus, you can take your group on a guided tour of the brewery and see the action of great beer making. Please call to schedule a tour and for more specific details on opportunities in the tasting bar and patio.

At the Pig Pounder we strive to be different, hence the name. We embrace our title as a microbrewery and seek to provide the best quality products for our customers (quality over quantity). Our agenda is to produce something unique, by not following what’s “trending” at that given moment. We like to control every variable that goes into brewing our beers and preparing our casks so we are able to provide a high quality product to all of our accounts. We want you to taste the difference!
Marketing Support
Along with our beers comes superior marketing support. Our marketing efforts include billboard advertising, brochures, stickers and a wide reaching social media campaign. Pig Pounder Brewery also offers on-site training of line-cleaning and pouring proper pints.
 Flexibility / Sizing